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Emanuele Ciampini


More than a decade of experience working always with the same goal of solving all the problems that customers might have.


Doing every job, in rock and pop music, always in the best way!


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Salenero - Come se


Salenero - Paura zero


Ash Gale - We got the fire


Ash Gale - Sing my way

Rachel Bailey - Both of us

Pete Mroz - Back when we were we

Bad Motivator - Truth Of My Youth

Kristy James - Nobody's Gonna Make Me

Emanuele Ciampini, Record Producer, Sound engineer.
Classically-trained musician, Emanuele started playing piano at 9 and earned his first Music diploma in piano conferred by the Licinio Refice conservatorio in Frosinone Italy.
Afterwards in 2005, he earned a second music degree in guitar playing and sound engineering conferred by the "Università della Musica" in Rome, Subsequently, in 2005, he obtained a second degree in music for guitar electric and acoustic and sound engineering, both of them conferred by the "Università della Musica" in Rome, under the direction of Maestro Fabio Mariani and the teaching of numerous and talented musicians such as the Masters Marco Acquarelli, Erik Daniell and Fabio Mariani himself.
During his studies in Rome, he gained experience in recording studio at the "LEAD Recordings" collaborating with Maestro Alessandro Centofanti, pianist and keyboard player for Antonello Venditti.
Since 2009 he has worked, as a producer and sound engineer, on numerous singles, EPs and albums of emerging artists, singers, songwriters and musical bands.
In 2012 Emanuele Ciampini composed the song "Il mondo leggero" included in the album "Grande Mistero" by Irene Fornaciari, album containing tracks by a large group of international artists. In this occasion, Emanuele began the collaboration as a studio sound engineer with the music Producer Eddy Mattei, a collaborator of the international artist Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari. The collaboration between Emanuele and Eddy Mattei continued during the works of pre-production of some tracks for the "Cuban session" album of 2012 and Black cat of 2016.
Subsequently  Emanuele works with several established and emerging artists among which:
Alessia Ballarò, Andrea Tebaldi, Rachel Bailey (Usa), Davide Lo lacono, Francesca Di Benedetto, Leonardo Addati, Ludovica Pisano, Marco Puri, Pete Mroz (Usa) Maria Dessì, Marina Giulia Brocca, The Workday (Uk), Moreno Schiavone, Martina Barani. Ash Gale (Aus), Robert Jon & the Wreck(USA).


ECMusic Productions, provides professional services for music, such as Recording Studio, Complete Music Productions, Compositions, Arrangements for Pre-Production stages, Post-Production such as Mixing and Mastering services.
All our services are worldwide available even in remote via web.
We can also offer, on the basis of specific agreements with our customers, the presentation service for the evaluation of record labels, both Majors and Indie.
From the initial idea, decided together with the artist, designed around his, in this way unique, musical style, to the attaining of a professional production of his music, consistent with his goals.
All of theese are the fundamentals basis of every job here at ECMusic Productions.

From the initial idea, designed around the artist and his musical style, to a professional production of his music, consistent with his goals.


  • Musical Productions
  • Recording Studio
  • Arrangements
  • Mixing services
  • Mastering
  • Modern and Classical compositions

ECMusic Productions To let your music professionally grow!


“Right from the start, as soon as I composed it I liked for sure my song but I want to say thank you to Emanuele for all the great work done in mixing and mastering, because now I love it!”

“I needed an original Album and contacted ECMusicProductions with a very specific idea in mind: They suggested the work of a songwriter, and I was amazed they produced such a great theme for me. They are professional, creative and have a very fresh approach, I would definitely recommend their services to anyone :)”

“Working with Emanuele in mixing and mastering my song, was very interesting and I really appreciate the final result. We will definitely work together again in the future!”

“It has been a pleasure to discover that distances were not a problem when working with Emanuele and his ECMusic Productions for my music. They've done a great job and I'll call them again in the future.”

“Sono totalmente soddisfatta dal lavoro effettuato nella produzione del mio album (Ep) di inediti, scritti da me ma costruiti, arrangiati e prodotti da ECMusic Productions nella maniera che ritenevano più professionale ed opportuna. Tornerò ancora ;-)!”

“Great and Awesome setup guys....I love to see your genius work in action”

“È stato un vero piacere lavorare con voi, grazie :-)”

“Ho avuto il piacere e l'onore di fare brani meravigliosi con voi, la vostra professionalita' e' indiscutibile, Emanuele è un grande musicista e una persona per bene... un abbraccio”


(Payment terms: 100% upfront for Online job, 50% upfront and 50% before of delivering for attended ones)

Production A

Request a quote

Professional production job on a customer's song.

Included services:
- Arrangement
- Recordings
- RAW Evaluation

  • 3 revisions included for each job, subsequently 15€ each

Production B

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Complete music production, whether it is a Song, an Ep or an Album. All done of unpublished songs, to better represent your unique artistic figure and your music.

Included services:
- Composing
- Arrangement
- Recordings
- RAW Evaluation
- Mixing
- Mastering

  • Unlimited tracks

  • Mixing and Mastering services included

  • 6 revisions included for each job, subsequently 15€ each



Any studio recording session, no matter the kind of song, it ends up with a number of "RAW" audio files that may represent the song in his "primal stage". The art of mixing them together is the job in which not only the volume levels are optimized but a lot of professional rules they are applied to obtain the great result we are aiming to.

  • Unlimited number of files per Project/Song

  • 20% discount from a minimum of 8 tracks

  • 3 revisions included for each job, subsequently 15€ each



The last step to obtain your radio ready song.

  • 20% discount from a minimum of 8 tracks

  • 3 revisions included for each job, subsequently 15€ each



Usually the second step in any production job, it consist in establishing and creating the fundamentals of the next step of studio recordings. The indicated price is intended as a starting point but it could undergo variations based on the project stipulated with the customer and we will talk about that.

  • RAW Demo Audio Track

  • Project's single Wav Tracks



The composition job for your modern song or even Orchestral music.

  • 3 Revisions included, subsequently 15€ each

Studio Rent


Hourly rate for the rental of our recording studio, including of the presence of the sound technician.

Contact 5 days in advance.

Prj. Editing


The composition job for your modern song or even Orchestral music. We can do all the editing job after the recordings and before the mixing stage, In this case the price will be hourly ntended.


Production A
Production B
Studio Rent
Other (write it in the message box)


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